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Who we are

Camilla Loewe – Editor and Co-ordinator

Camilla worked in voluntary and community organisations until qualifying as a solicitor (although she has stopped being a solicitor to concentrate on TimeLine). For twenty years she practised as a ‘legal aid lawyer’, representing ordinary people facing criminal allegations. She has a degree in philosophy and classics. Her teaching experience ranges from law to literacy to local history. Camilla researches and writes much of TimeLine, designing it on the software package that came free with her computer. She has no previous experience of journalism, publishing or design, so if TimeLine sometimes looks a bit ragged, that is why. And when there are mistakes in it they are her fault.

Camilla lives in Hackney with her husband, whose unswerving support has enabled TimeLine to thrive, and their son, who until recently went to a local primary school.

David Verry – Art Editor and Jokes Editor

From the tender age of six, David has been the inspiration for, and played an integral role in, the development of the idea of TimeLine. His interest and curiosity about his local environment made him one of the true architects of the project, and his willingness to put up with it playing a major role in his home life has made him an ideal history detective and Friend of TimeLine.

It is an added bonus that David has both an eye for good pictures and is an inspired source of TimeLine jokes.

Joe Jones – ICT Adviser

Joe has been a fellow-traveller from the early days of TimeLine. By the time he reached Year 5 at Jubilee Primary School he had already mastered computer and video technology skills which left the adult members of the team way behind.  He has moved on to secondary school and is a very accomplished technician, phtographer and - luckily for TimeLine - ICT Adviser.

Joe has always been a loyal supporter of TimeLine and an inspired fund-raiser - through selling hot chocolate door-to-door from thermos flasks, to planning the future TimeLine offices, he has supported the effort it has taken to keep TimeLine going.

Martha Prevezer – Chair

Armed with degrees both in history and English literature, and a PhD. in economics,  Martha is now a Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Innovation at Queen Mary, University of London. Living across the Hackney border in Islington,  Martha has three children in primary and secondary education, and has a wide range of experience of both observing and operating within education at all levels.
Martha’s commitment to the educational aspirations and achievements of children and young people is at the centre of both her professional and personal life.

Sally Haywill – Treasurer

For ten years Sally’s day job has been teaching English as a second language. She is also one of the two co-founders of STA Bikes, a not-for-profit organisation which was established in 2000. Starting out at Sir Thomas Abney School – which Sally’s three children had attended – STA Bikes has a clear aim: to improve the life of children and families – especially the disadvantaged – through cycling and related activities.

STA Bikes has been responsible for teaching cycling skills to thousands of people in Hackney. It has attracted a number of London and national awards. In April 2007 Sally won an Outstanding Achievement award from Transport for London.

Frances Peel Yates - Secretary

Frances has a degree in social and economic history, and a lifelong interest in local istory. As the mother of two boys at Betty Layward primary school in Stoke Newington, Frances was a parent governor at her sons’ school, having a responsibility there for extended services.

Her day job is managing editor for publishers Optimus education, who specialise in subscription newsletters and books aimed at the schools market.

Guadalupe Marengo - Member

Guada has been working in the field of human rights for te past eighteen years, and is now Deputy Director for the Americas Program of Amnesty International.   Originally from Mexico, she has been living in Hackney since 1991.   Her son was born in Stoke Newington, attended William Patten Primary School. and has moved on to a local secondary school.
Guada has always found life in multi-cultural Hackney enriching; throughout her years in Hackney she has supported local organisations, including those working for the protection of Latin American women in the community.

TimeLine is a Registered Charity   Charity Number 1122520


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