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Remember the Blitz?
ImageWhen The Blitz got going in Hackney on the night of September 7th 1940, people just did not know what was going to hit them.  Do you remember when high explosives were smashing into houses 
across Hackney, everywhere from Mare Street, to the Lower Clapton Road, and Well Street, Kenninghall Road, London Fields, Hackney Police Station, Lauriston Road, King Edwards Road and all those other places?  Or the next night, when over seventy bombs crashed down across Shoreditch, Hackney and Stoke Newington. 

If you were not there - maybe you had not even been  born yet - and you would like to find out where those bombs fell in Hackney just on the scary first  two nights of The Blitz, please click here.  You can find out if your street was hit on the first nights of the Blitz in Hackney - but remember that those two nights were just the start of a very long story.  And please click to have a go at the Bombed Last Night game that was on page 4 of the very first issue of TimeLine.

ImageAsking the Experts - click here to find out how to take part in Hackney
Well, it is nearly seventy years since The Blitz began, but there are still lots of people now who remember Hackney way back then.  They remember the air raids and the Anderson shelters, the blackouts, the fires and the smoke; know about being evacuated away London and their families, or staying and sleeping in shelters and Tube stations. Imagine seeing London  blown to pieces in front of your eyes - and gradually rebuilt into the Hackney we can recognise today.

Plus there are plenty more people who were only little during World War Two, but grew up hearing loads of stories from their families about their life during the Blitz; and there are others who know what it was like when someone in their family made the dangerous journey across the world to England so that they could help out with the war effort. 

So, lots of people are still looking after so many memories: if you are one of them, we think that makes you an expert.  Children and young people have questions about the Blitz that you might know the answer to: what it was like to be sitting in your classroom one minute, and then rushing down into the shelter when the air raid siren went: or listening out for doodlebugs.  And how different did Hackney look before the war and during the Blitz compared to now?  What were the cool places for kids to hang out way back then?

ImageOne expert is Peter Williams, who has been a teacher for most of his life.  He was just a tiny baby when the Blitz started, when his family lived in Victorian Road, just near to Stoke Newington Police Station.  Peter's Dad was an ARP Warden, and Peter is one of the experts who has offered to answer some questions.   If you would like to read a little bit of what Peter has written about Hackney and the Blitz, please click here.

Schools and volunteers - click here to find out how you can take part
If you are one of these experts,  you could help children and young people with some of their questions about Hackney during and after the Blitz.   You could write down some of your memories and stories; or by coming along to a Question & Answer session we are organising; We are looking forward for older people to take part in the Memory Catcher events being planned for this year.  If you would like to take part, the first thing to do is let us know you are interested, so we can keep you in touch with the plans.  Click here to find out how to contact us. 

If you are a school looking for more ways of teaching your students about World War Two, please click here to let us know that you would like to take part - it could be in a Q&A session at school or elsewhere, or we have some exciting ideas for activities to incorporate into lesson plans or for after school clubs.

ImageHelp us write a book about it
We are going to put together the memories that people send us, to make a book which anybody can read on this website - and if we have enough money, we will print it as well.   So, if you have memories or stories that you would like to see included in a  Hackney and The Blitz book, please don't be shy!  Please write down some memories and send them over to us in an e-mail  to this address - and let us do the rest. And if you need a bit of help writing it down, please contact us, and we will do our best to help catch those memories. If you would prefer to send us a letter, please post it to us at TimeLine, PO Box 44684, London N16 0XY

Enter our  Putting on the Blitz  Prize Competitions - one for writing and one for drawing
Last, but definitely not least - we have two prize competitions to celebrate the 70th anniversary of The Blitz: 

Putting it Down is a competition where we are looking for pieces of writing about The Blitz.  It could be your actual memories, or it might be something from your imagination - a description of what you think it might have been like for someone living in Hackney during the Blitz in World War Two.  It could be long or short, but the maximum length of entries is 700 words.
Please note that the EXTENDED closing date for the Juniors' writing competition and for both drawing competitions is now 31st October 2010, so there is plenty of time.
  Prizes will include a slap up meal PLUS The Hackney Gazette has promised to publish the winning entries!

You can send your entry by post  to the above address, or by e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .  There will be two winners and two prizes - one for Seniors and one for Juniors - so when you send in your entry, please do not forget to put your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address - and your date of birth. And please mark your entry "Putting it Down".  
The competition is not just for genius writers - although they are welcome too - so just write down something that you think other people would enjoy reading.  We would like to include some of the writing in the Hackney and the Blitz book we are making, so please tell us if you do NOT want us to include yours.

ImagePicture This is the other competition - this time it is for pictures of Hackney in the Blitz. 
Your picture could be little or big, in colour or in black and white, a painting or a drawing, a person or a place, real or imaginery - you choose. 
There will be two winners and two prizes again - a Senior and a Junior - and the EXTENDED closing date is October 31st 2010.  Please send your entry to us at TimeLine, PO Box 44684, London N16 0XY - please put it in an envelope marked DO NOT BEND, and write your own address on the back of the envelope.  We recommend that you make a copy for yourself, as we will not be able to return your entry to you.  Prizes will include a slap up meal PLUS the two winning pictures will be put on display at The Hackney Museum!
And don't forget to tell us your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address and your date of birth.   We would like to include some of the pictures in the Hackney and the Blitz book we are making - so please tell us if you do NOT want your picture to go into the book.

We look forward to receiving all of the entries to our competitions - from people of all ages. 

Thank you to everyone who is helping pass on the memories of The Blitz seventy years on.
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