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ImageIt is the fundamental aim of TimeLine to support the teaching of  standard curriculum subjects in local schools – in ways that are both informative and entertaining for pupils and teachers alike.   To find  out quickly what you find in TimeLine, please click Subjects Index .    You will see that TimeLine is designed to support through a series of innovative approaches - taking their own local area as a starting point -  the study of :

  • History
  • PSHE
  • Citizenship
  • Literacy
  • Geography
  • Religious Studies
  • ICT

ImageLooking through a filter of the children’s own locality, teachers can find in TimeLine endless resources to engage children.   In some schools children spend time in class simply looking at the latest TimeLine; other schools keep copies in libraries and classrooms for children to consult; teachers use them as the basis for studies as diverse as the Victorians, World War One and the importance of recycling.   Children have fun as they:

  • learn skills of chronological ordering of historical events
  • discover how Hackney Heroes changed the world
  • become engaged with their own local environment
  • focus on comparative religious studies

Featured Schools

ImageThe Schools Index will show you some of the schools which have featured in previous issues of TimeLine.   Some of the stories are from the past – for example when The Grocers’ Company School started in Victorian England, or what it was like being evacuated from Stoke Newington High Street School (later known as Fleetwood School) during the Second World war. 

You can find out who schools – such as Sir Thomas Abney or Betty Layward – are named after.  And other stories are bang up to date, describing some of the brilliant things that Hackney children and schools are doing nowadays - such as the Kids Talk interview with Millfields Head Teacher, Dame Anna Hassan, or the theatre project by Brook Community School.  

Schools Index

Avigdor (issue 2)

Benthal (issue 7)

Betty Layward (issue 10)

Brook Community School (issue 6)

City Academy (issue 24) 

Clissold Park School (issue 8)

Fleetwood School (issue 3)

Grazebrook (issue 4)

Grocers' Company School (issue 11) 
Hackney Free and Parochial C of E (issue 14 and 25)  

Hackney Downs (issue 11)

Harrington Hill (issue 14)  

High Street Stoke Newington (issue 9)

Holmleigh (issue 10)

Homerton Academy (issue 24) 

Jubilee (issue 7 & issue 14)

Millfields Community (issue 12)

Mossbourne Community Academy (issue 11)

Simon Marks (issue 9) 

Sir Thomas Abney (issue 8)

Stoke Newington High Street School (issue 3, 4 & 8)

Stoke Newington School (issue 8)

Tollett Street PD School (issue 15) 
William Patten (issues 1, 17 and 20 and Rene Broider in Added Extras)

Woodberry Down Community Primary (issue 10)

Woodberry Down Comprehensive (issue 11)

Kids Talk interviews

ImageChildren as young as Key Stage One – but more typically Key Stage Two – have had the opportunity of interviewing a local person of note.  TimeLine makes an arrangement with the interviewee, and then works with the children to concentrate on the issues they want to explore and devise a list of questions.  The interviewees the children have interviewed so far include:

Sergeant Kelly, fire chief  (issue 1)
Rose Adams, lollypop lady  (issue 3)
Paul Weekes, professional cricketer (issue 5)
Cam Matheson, recycling guru (issue 7)
Steve Ells, sailsports manager (issue 9)
Dame Anna Hassan, head teacher (issue 12)
Diane Abbott, Member of Parliament (issue 14)
Peter Cottle, swimming club coach (Issue 17)
Kiruna Stammell, actress (issue 22)
Ian Luder, Lord Mayor of London (issue 24)

ImageThe children then conduct the interview, which appears in an issue of TimeLine.   In addition to seeing their own work in a published format, children are able to report back to the school on what they have experienced and discovered. They all tell us they have had a brilliant time doing the interviews.   Let us know if your school would like to take part in a Kids Talk interview - or who you think we should interview next. 

Partnership Projects

ImageTimeLine has worked with a variety of schools, individuals and other agencies to engage children in projects.   Sometimes it is TimeLine that takes the lead – for example on the extraordinary Memory Catcher project you can read about in Issue 9;  at other times we will support a project that has been organised by a school or community group – for example the Wild About Water project that is featured in Issue 10.

Picture Story Plus

There have been a number of picture stories, drawn by Tony Hall - whose work you may recognise from The Teacher - in issues of TimeLine: they concentrate on the lives of individuals who are remarkable and have a particular link with Hackney – for example Olaudah Equiano in Issue 13.   TimeLine can supply schools with licensed copies of the artwork, so that children extend their studies by using the artwork to create their own version of the picture story.

Publicity for Schools

ImageIt is part of TimeLine’s purpose to give wider publicity to schools’ achievements – for example the work done by the Hackney Music Development Trust described in Issue 5 , or the study of Clissold Park which you can see in the About You page.   If your school has been doing a project that you would like to see publicised, maybe we could help you.

If any of these ideas interest you, please becom a SchoolFriend of TimeLine and take part in TimeLine.  Have a look and see what people say about our projects.

TimeLine is a Registered Charity   Charity Number 1122520


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