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The Way We Were - Lily
ImageLily Taylor was born before World War One even started and Florence Nightingale had just died.  And the year her father was born, Victoria was Queen and bikes were .....  like in this picture! 

In 2006 Lily told TimeLine a little about The Way We Were: 
"I was born on 10th November 1910 in Three Colts Lane, Bethnal Green.  All being well I will be 96 this month. I was the sixteenth out of seventeen children; our youngest, Louise, died when she was only nine months, so I was always the baby of the family, and they all made a fuss of me.  There were so many of us we lived in two houses.

ImageMy dad's name was Fountain Reeder - my mum used to call him "Founts".  He was born in Bethnal Green in 1869.  He had horse and carts: six horses and two stables near our house.   He did work  for Allen & Hanburys, that make the medicines. He would move whatever needed moving about for them.  Of the boys, our eldest was called Fountain after our dad, but we all called him "Sharper".  Then there was Joe, Charlie, Walter, Edward, Arthur and Fred.  Sharper did not have to fight in the First World War, perhaps because of being a family man, but Joe, Charlie and Walter all went.  I  remember my dad carrying me on his shoulders into the shelter - that was under the railway arches at Bethnal Green.

Joe became a Corporal in the Army.  When he used to come home on leave from the Front, he would put his arms out to me with a big smile.  "Come and give me a cuddle", he would yell.  On 18th September 1918  Joe was blown to pieces. He was only 23 years old.  The day after my eighth birthday, just eight weeks later, was Armistice Day.  The War was finished at last, but it came too late for our Joe. 

Joe's senior officer wrote to my mother that Joe was ‘a splendid character, brave and true, and an excellent soldier.  His death is a great loss to the Battery.  He was one of the most promising N.C.O.s, and it was only a couple of days ago I had recommended him for promotion to Sergeant. He was a great favourite with all officers and men.' " 

We are very sad to say that Lily Taylor died on Easter Day 2008. It was almost ninety years after her brother Joe's death during World War One - and nearly one hundred and forty years after her own dad was born.   Lily had a brilliant memory: with the cheekiest smile you've ever seen in your life, she would tell TimeLine stories about her life and times in Bethnal Green and Hackney.  They might have been tales of things that happened way back in the past, but the way she told them really brought her memories to life.  You can read more about World War One in Issue 11.

Lily Taylor: November 10th 1910 to March 23rd 2008

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