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Dorothy Holmes

ImageIn the last year or so of her life Dorothy used to send us wonderful memories of growing up in Stoke Newington – like her very first day at the Stoke Newington High Street School - which was later called Fleetwood School.

"Here is the tale of my first day at school - the old Stoke Newington High Street School.   It was 1936 and I was five years old.  I lived in Gibson Gardens and was feeling very grown up because I had been allowed to cross Northwold Road on my own.  No lollipop ladies in those days, but hardly any cars either.

I was so happy being at school for the very first time and I remember that the teacher was really nice. Her name was Miss Jackaman. There were tiny chairs with round seats and little wooden rods going down into the seats around the back. Then a boy standing across the room poked his tongue out at me. As far as I was concerned that was war.

I tore across the room intending to do him a damage, slipped and fell onto one of the little chairs which was broken and one of the wooden spokes went up into the underpart of my chin. Oh dear – a hospital job. I was rushed down to the 'Met' hospital for treatment. Was I proud when I walked back into that classroom. I had a large bandage going under my chin, tied in a large bow on top of my head! What a day!".
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