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Bombed Last Night
ImageIf you did not live through it, it is very hard to imagine what life was like in London during wartime, wondering what would happen next to your children, your home  During World War Two on 8th September the bombs started to fall on Stoke Newington.  On that night alone over forty bombs fell.  High explosives hit Grazebrook Road, Lordship Park, Lavers Road, Dynevor Road, Walford Road, Brighton Road, Palatine Road and Princess May School. Incendiary bombs rained down on the streets, the park, the cemetery..... all over the place! How scary was that?

War Damage Map Game
You’ll need good eyesight or a magnifying glass for this one - use an A-Z map to help you find the streets if you like. Look at the list of streets that were bombed - each has a map grid reference to help find it. See what happens to the map if you colour in red all the roads where the bombs fell that night. Imagine what it was like actually being there!

To see the map and do the quiz and the puzzle, have a look at Issue 1 (it takes a little while to load). 
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