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Golden Threads
ImageThe golden thread that links the old Grocers' School to Hackney Downs, and the brand new Mossbourne Community Academy. On 21st June 1871 The Grocers’ Company made a BIG decision, which has made a difference to the lives of thousands of children growing up in Hackney.  It used to be just boys, but now girls too get the benefit of what happened way back then.  The decision was to go ahead with their “Middle Class School Scheme”.

The scheme turned into The Grocers’ Company’s School, which later became known as “Hackney Downs School”- first a Grammar, then a Comprehensive School.  Eventually it led to the Mossbourne Community Academy.

A lot has been written about the history of these really amazing schools - here you can read just a few facts and stories about the totally brilliant history of  the Hackney Downs schools - the buildings, pupils, teachers, sports, rules and punishments, plays, World War One:  most of all the people who shaped a part of the history and heritage of the Mossbourne Community Academy.

To find out more have a look in Issue 11 (it takes a little time to load). 
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