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 Abney Park Cemetery  www.abney-park.org.uk
 Anne Frank Trust  www.annefrank.org.uk
 the ark  www.thearkgifts.com/
 Awards For All  www.awardsforall.org.uk
 Barry Stewart & Sons Ltd.  www.barrystewart.co.uk
 The Big Draw   www.thebigdraw.org 
 The Building Exploratory  www.buildingexploratory.org.uk
 Divine Chocolate  www.divinechocolate.com
 Fairtrade Foundation  www.fairtrade.org.uk
 The Farmers' Market   www.growingcommunities.org/
 GameLab   www.gamelablondon.com/
 Geffrye Museum  www.geffrye-museum.org.uk
 Get Hackney Reading Campaign  www.gethackneyreading.com  
 Growing Communities   www.growingcommunities.org/
 Hackney Archives Department  www.hackney.gov.uk/ca-archives
 Hackney Citizen  www.hackneycitizen.co.uk/
 Hackney Empire Theatre  www.hackneyempire.co.uk
 Hackney Historic Buildings Trust   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
 Hackney Music Development  Trust  www.hmdt.org.uk
 Hackney Police  www.met.police.uk/hackney
 Impakt Media Ltd.  www.impaktmedia.co.uk 
 The Industrial Dwellings Society (1885) Ltd.  www.ids.org.uk
 Kench Hill  www.kenchhill.co.uk
 Leyton Orient Supporters Club  www.orientsupporters.org
 Local History  www.locallocalhistory.co.uk  
 The  Learning Trust  www.learningtrust.co.uk
 London Born  www.londonborn.co.uk 
 Meto Print  www.metoprint.com
 Music for Change  www.musicforchange.org/
 R. Dunham UK Ltd.  www.r-dunham.co.uk
 Rio Cinema  www.riocinema.ndirect.co.uk/
 Stoke Newington Business Association   www.stokeybusiness.com 
 The Spence  www.thespence.co.uk/
 St. Mary's Church Stoke Newington  www.stmaryn16.org/
 St. Paul's Church West Hackney  www.stpaulswesthackney.org
 Sunstone  www.sunstonewomen.com/
 Traidcraft   www.traidcraft.co.uk
 UnLtd  www.unltd.org.uk
 Yumyum Restaurant   www.yumyum.co.uk

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