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ImageDecember 2011
TimeLine has had a quiet time during the Autumn as we continued collecting up the stories and memories about Coronation Avenue.   Lots of people - from all over the world - contacted us to provide information and memories, so there is lots to write about.  We met 86 year-old Vera, who came back to Stoke Newington, where she had grown up: she told us about her family having a greengrocers shop just across the road from the where the bomb fell:  her family was the very last to escape. 

On the 71st anniversary of the bomb falling at Coronation Avenue, all of the Year 6 children at Princess May Primary School spent the day thinking about what had happened in Hackney during World War Two, and especially on that terrible day: they looked at photographs, listened to the memories of people who could say exactly what had happened; they dressed up and tried to imagine how life would have been all those years ago.  And one thing they all said was that they would do their best to make sure that what happened at Coronoation Avenue would never be forgotten.

As you can see in the Annual Report, 2010/11 had been a very busy year, and we made loads more friends and partnerships.  We were very sad that we did not have enough money to print any more issues of TimeLine Magazine, but we are hoping to change that in 2012.   

To help raise funds, and tell people a bit more about what a brilliant place Hackney has always been, we have produced the first four in our TimeLine Hackney History Mugs: each one is a little advert for Hackney telling two stories about a place in Hackney. 

We started with Stoke Newington, Hackney Central, Lower Clapton and Homerton mugs and there will be more next year.   So, if you would like to find out more about Hackney's past as you drink your tea (and support TimeLine at the same time) why not buy yourself a mug? 

The mugs are on sale at two places that have amazing histories - Sutton House (on Homerton High Street)  and at Sunstone Gym (on Northwold Road in Stoke Newington).  Or do contact TimeLine here for more information. 

With many thanks and best wishes for the holidays to all of the brilliant friends TimeLine has made and kept during 2011.

Cllr. Susan Fajana-Thomas
June 2011

In May each year, the Councillors of Hackney have a big meeting in Hackney Town Hall, to choose the Speaker for the next year.  This time they elected Councillor Susan Fajana-Thomas, who represents Stoke Newington Central ward, to be the brand new Speaker.  She was picked for the new job just a few days after she attended the ceremony to unveil the plaque at Coronation Avenue - which is in Stoke ewington Central ward -  and this has meant some fabulous  news for TimeLine.

The Speaker heard about Phase Two  of the Coronation Avenue Campaign, which is to write and publish a book about the people touched by the Coronation Avenue Disaster:  she really wants to help and she has chosen TimeLine as one of her two nominated charities for the year!   That means that she will spreading the word about the Campaign and helping us to raise funds throughout the year. 

If you would like to know more or make a contribution,  please contact
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   or call her office on 020 8356 3350.  We have made a book called Putting on the Blitz (98 pages of memories and stories about Hackney and the Blitz, including some about Coronation Avenue): it costs £20 plus p&p, or you might like a mug with a picture of the plaque on (£6.99 plus p&p).  All the profits go to the Coronation Avenue Campaign so you might be tempted.  If you would like either of those do contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like to buy a copy.

So we are sending a huge thankyou  to The Speaker from TimeLine.

The plaque arrives
May 2011

We are sorry that it has been such a long time since we told you about our news at TimeLine, but now we can bring you up to date.  The most amazing thing is that TimeLine helped the community in Stoke Newington to commemorate the terrible disaster which happened at Coronation Avenue on 13th October 1940.  That was the date that a huge bomb fell on the Coronation Avenue block of flats, and killed over 160 people.  

The Coronation Avenue Campaign had been collecting money so that we could put up a plaque at Coronation Avenue: and publish a book about the people who lost their lives:   we had loads of  help from lots of individuals, companies and groups in Stoke Newington and from further afield  - sometimes it was £1 from someone buying one of our cupcakes, and sometimes it was much more - like the owners of the building (IDS) giving £2,500 or the Hackney Police who donated £1,000.  During the Autumn of 2010 we raised enough money so  we could pay for Ned Heywood and Julia Land to design and make a beautiful ceramic plaque.   It was amazing how many people helped Phase One of the Coronation Avenue Campaign succeed.

Waiting to be unveiled ...
Julia and Ned came all the way from where they live in Wales to install the plaque in Stoke Newington.  For a month it was our special secret because it was covered up - until the fabulous unveiling ceremony on May 15th 2011.  There were so many surprises and hundreds of people came along to take part in the ceremony -  local community and faith leaders and residents of all ages, the police, fire brigade and ambulance services were repersented to remind us of the work that was done by their services in 1940; there are so many people to thank for their help, in preparing the ceremony, and we want to say a special thankyou to all the older people who shared their memories of the event and to Princess May School whose pupils helped explain what the ceremony was all about. 

Unveiling the plaque
Even The Queen sent a message of support in a letter from Buckingham Palace: seventy years after her own parents had visited Coronation Avenue on the day after the bomb fell, she sent her warm good wishes to all concerned in the Coronation Avenue Campaign, for a memorable and successful event on May 15th. 

The occasion was so important for many of the people who came along.  These are some of the things they said:

"Thank you for the opportunity to be part of such a great event".  Peter Magill

".... thank you for the time, effort and compassion that made the ceremony so educational, memorable and successful
" Hannah Corin

My father never spoke of the death of his sister. I believe that our family never came to terms with her loss. This is why the ceremony was such significance to me. It marked a public acknowledgement of the horrific events at Coronation Avenue over 70 years ago. I and my family are deeply indebted to those Hackney people who worked hard in bringing the event to fruition.”  Melvyn Brooks  

"The ceremony was so poignant after all this time.  I hope people remember what happened and that war is terrible"

The plaque is revealed
Norman Levinson  

Everyone agreed that Phase One of the Campaign, which was all about a plaque which will last for a hundred years, was a huge success. If you would like to read the messages that were written in the In Memoriam book, please click here. Now we are getting to work on Phase Two, which is to research and publish a book all about the people who lost their lives in the tragedy.  Lots of people are helping by sharing what they know - we will really make sure that those people are never forgotten.  If you would like to support Phase Two, please contact TimeLine at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

If you would like to see the programme for the unveiling ceremony (including the letter from Her Majesty The Queen) please click here - and here are some photos of the day - thanks to star photographers Joe Jones and Donald Verry:

George Alagiah speaking

Kamil Boriel of Petchey Academy

Tam Minh Tu of Princess May School

Hallie Primus of Princess May School

Revd Niall Weir reading from New Testament

Imam Ebu Tezgel reading from the Koran

Rabbi Citron reading from the Old Testament

Melvyn and Barry Brooks say kaddish for their aunt

Norman Levinson remembering his mother who died at Coronation Avenue

Eleanor Kennedy had a lucky escape in 1940

Melvyn Brooks remembering his aunt

Louisa Thomson speaking on behalf of the Campaign

Camilla Loewe speaking about Phase Two of the Campaign

George Alagiah unveils the plaque

The plaque is revealed

Coronation Avenue Campaign Team

Beautiful Memorial Cake made by Andree Crump

Andree Crump

David and Joe - the fundraising stars
December 2010

Click here for update on fundraising for Coronation Avenue Campaign.

OUR BIG NEWS IS THAT WE HAVE NOW MET THE FUNDRAISING TARGET WE SET OURSELVES FOR THE CORONATION AVENUE CAMPAIGN - so now we can get started on making a plaque and collecting up stories about Coronation Avenue.  Please click
here to see some of the people we want to thank.

As you can see, we are doing really well with the Coronational Avenue Campaign, and it really does look like we will be ablt to put up a plaqut, and make a written resouce about Coronation Avenue, next Spring.  It is amazing how many people - individuals, organisations and businesses - have been supporting the Appeal: people have been giving up their
Isabel Linden
time to make cakes, run stalls, work on fundraising and steering groups, organise the campaign, produce and read leaflets - as well as making donations to the fund.  Please click
here to see some of the businesses who have been helping.

On Saturday December 11th from 11a.m. there will be a bric a brac stall in the church hall at St.Paul's Church (almost opposite the Police Station on Stoke Newington Road) to raise funds for our campaign. 
Also on Saturday December 11th  (10 - 2.30) there will be a stall at the Farmers' Market in William Patten School on Stoke Newington Church Street, where we will be selling the special Coronation Avenue mugs (£5.99 each) to raise money  ...... 

So if you have a chance, please come along to one of our stalls - or both - and support us out there in the freezing cold:  you might even find yourself the perfect present for someone at the same time!

November 2010

Click here for update on fundraising for Coronation Avenue Campaign

We have some more exciting news about TimeLine prizewinners this month - both writing and drawing.  Way back in the May issue of TimeLine we asked for creative writing stories about the Blitz, in the juniors' section of the Putting it Down competition, and for drawings about the Blitz.   At long last, here are the results of the Juniors' sections of the competitions.

St. Paul's Cathedral by Chloe Moore
We are delighted to announce that nine year-old Isabel Linden won the writing competition with her story called "The Blitz".  Isabel's story will be published later this year in the Hackney Gazette, and she also won a slap up meal for two at The Premises cafe/bistro.  It was recently voted one of the coolest places in London to eat, and has recently been in the news because of the huge picture of a rabbit that is painted on the oudside (which Hackney Council nearly painted over because they thought it was graffiti - but luckily the rabbit is still safe and sound).   Loads of famous people go there - their photos are all over the walls - so who knows who she will bump into!   If you would like to read Isabel's story, please click

Competition judge Professor Morag Shiach, of Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL), found it impossible to choose between two of the other authors -  eleven year-old Catherina GB (who wrote "Blitzed by Night") and ten year-old Kitty Woods (whose story was called "Ethel's Diary") - so she put them in joint second place.  If you would like to read their stories please click here for Catherina's and here for Kitty's (which was a beautifully produced hand-written diary that looked as though Kitty could have found it tucked away in a dusty attic).

Professor Shiach was very impressed with the standard of the writing :  "The three winners had all discovered a lot about the Blitz, and were able to imagine what a child would have felt living through this terrible experience. The winner of the first prize wrote in a wonderfully mature style and expressed the terror and the sadness of the Blitz in a particularly vivid way." - and has invited them all to a special awards ceremony at QMUL in December.

ImageWe are also very pleased to tell you about the winning entry for the drawing competition.  The prize was won by nine year-old junior artist Chloe Moore, with her picture of St. Paul's Cathedral.  Chloe wrote on the back of her winning drawing:

"This is a picture of St. Pauls caffedral.   It lasted through world wars one and two.   Winsdon Churchhill did everything in his power to keep it standing in the Blitz".

Chloe has won a fantastic prize: as well as appearing on this website, Chloe's picture will be going on display at Hackney Museum in January 2011 as part of this special Putting on the Blitz exhibition and events to mark the seventieth anniversary of The Blitz ...

We are proud and excited to say that Hackney CVS has awarded TimeLine one of the Grassroots Grants. so that we can collect up stories about Hackney and The Blitz from local people who lived through World War Two, or Imagewhose families told them what it was like.   As part of the project, TimeLine has joined up with Hackney Museum to showcase some of the Blitz stories we have already collected.   We will be using those  materials - and the new ones we collect  - to make a Putting on the Blitz information pack, which will preserve stories about Hackney and The Blitz for future generations.

Plaque cakes by Joe and David
If you have memories, and want them to be part of the pack, please contact TimeLine:  you can write to us at POB 44684, N16 0XY,   call us on 07947 667652  or e-mail us on This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , and we will arrange to meet up with you to listen to your story.

All four of our fantastic prizewinners will be part of the Putting on the Blitz exhibition, which will go on show at Hackney Museum in January 2011 - so why not drop in at the museum to look at the pictures, read about some amazing experiences and tales of Hackney heroes,  and even listen to people of all ages telling some of the stories from all those years ago.

October 2010

TimeLine Annual Report 2009-2010

If you would like to see what TimeLine has been doing in the last year, please click to read the Annual ReportYou will see what we have been doing, who we have been working with, and some of the nice things that people said about TimeLine.

Shirley Collier now
Coronation Avenue Heritage Project

TimeLine has joined up with other people who agree that an important event which happened on October 13th 1940 must never be forgotten.  You can read our page about Coronation Avenue if you click
here.  The group would like to do two things to ensure that the event is always remembered:    

i)    a plaque would be put up on the building so everyone can see what happened there; and
ii)    the  stories of people who remember it would be collected together, and made into a permanent resource that passes
on the history to future generations

Lots of people have already written to say they support the idea of this heritage project  - and why.  If you would like to read these comments and ideas, please click
here (we have included all the written comments we have received, so far up to 10th  November 2010, to show the different opinions) - and thank you so much to everyone who has responded.   And if you want to tell us what your opinion is, please read our letter here and an e-mail to say what you think to us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it    We think that seventy years have gone by already, and we must not wait any longer to honour the people who died,  and those who were so badly affected by the incident.

Fundraising - please read our leaflet  and help us reach our targets. Please click here to see how we are doing!

Because people think the project is such a good idea, we have started to raise funds to make sure it does happen.   TimeLine is trying to collect £5,000 to put towards the costs: so far we have raised £364*, including a massive £58 from just one little cake sale when our ICT Adviser and Art Editor - Joe Jones and David Verry - sold their special homemade blue plaque fairy cakes - with same day delivery!).  If you would like help us, please click
here to find out about an easy way to send us a donation.  Or if that does not appeal, how about organising a cake sale for us at your school, or church, or club?    We have a long way to go, but £58 was a very good start - we'll keep you posted!

A huge thank you to everyone who has made a donation already, and to all the local agencies and businesses who are helping the Coronation Avenue campaign - in lots of different ways - including:  The Learning Trust; Meto Print; Growing Communities; Yum Yum Thai Restaurant; In Focus Opticians; The Tea Rooms; Fat Cat Cafe, The Spence, the ark ....

* Latest brilliant news:

Hackney police have made a fantastic offer to our campaign: we are trying to raise £5,000: they have offered that if we manage to raise £4,000, they will make a donation of £1,000 to make up the balance.   (Stoke Newington police station is right next door to Coronation Avenue, so they see it every day).   We are trying our very best to meet the target. 

And ...

The campaign received even more brilliant news at our public meeting held on 25th October 2010.  Paul Westbrook, the Chief Executive Officer of IDS, who own the building, told us that IDS will put £2,500 towards the Appeal - again subject to matchfunding.  So our target is getting closer .....

Plaque Cake by Fat Cat Cakes
We have just raised £100 by holding a stall and distributing leaflets at the Stoke Newington Farmers' Market - that £100 is 2% of our total target, and a really big help.  Thank you very much  to:  Joe Jones, David Verry, Inken Oades, and Sebastian Reca; to everyone who made a donation; to Growing Communities who let us have a stall for free; and to Anne Marie Ryan of Fat Cat Cakes who baked us a blue plaque cake to help us raise funds. 

And, on 5th 6th and 7th November 2010  there were special blue plaque cupcakes on sale at The Tea Rooms (155 Stoke Newington Church Street) - famous for their delicious cakes!. Amazingly kindly, they are supporting our campaign and gave us a big bite of the proceeds.

September 2010

We can let you know about yet another TimeLine prize winner!   Exactly seventy years after the Blitz began, in September 1940, we are delighted to announce that the Putting it Down (Senior) Prize has been won by Shirley Collier.  We thought that her essay "The Sights, Sounds and Smells of War" really helped to describe what everyday life was like during the Blitz.  You can read the winning entry if you click
here - and you will also be able to catch it in the special supplement of the Hackney Gazette which comes out on September 9th 2010. 

Shirley Collier 1942
So Shirley, who was born and brought up in Stoke Newington - apart from when she was evacuated during World War Two - is the lucky winner of the prize - lunch or dinner for two at the delicious (and prize-winning)
Yum Yum Thai Restaurant in Stoke Newington High Street.  We do hope you have a nice time!   And thank you very much to Yum Yum for donating the prize, and to the Hackney Gazette for publishing the winning entry so loads of people will definitely read it on the anniversary of the start of the Blitz.

Do have a look - and listen -
here to all the people and stories about Hackney during the Blitz - including memories of many people who wrote in to us.  We keep adding to the page, with lots more amazing stories and fantastic pictures to look at.   And don't forget - TimeLine still has  three more prize competitions about the Blitz for you to enter.  They are all  open until 31st October 2010.  You can read about them here, and we really look forward to seeing your stories (Juniors) and pictures (Seniors and Juniors).

August 2010

Precious Umeke
Some good news for the summer is that Precious Umeke has won the top prize in the Henry VIII competition that was in Issue 25 of TimeLine.  So Precious can settle down to a delicious cream tea with all the trimmings - sandwiches, cake, scones, jam, not forgetting the cream - at The Tea Rooms at 155 Stoke Newington Church Street.  Hope you have a scrummy time, Precious.   Runners-up prizes have also been won by Mark Taha and Zakiya Said, so congratulations to them too.  (By the way, the answer to the competition was that King Henry VIII had SIX wives).

We also want to let you know about the Putting on the Blitz competitions (you can read about them if you click here).  There are four competitions altogether, two for juniors and two for seniors.  The winner of the seniors' writing competition will be announced in the Hackney Gazette in the first week of September, and by 9th September 2010 you will be able to read the winning entry there - as well as on this website of course.  And, as well as suddenly becoming such a famous writer, the lucky winner will get another prize - a slap up meal for two, very generously donated by Yum Yum Thai Restaurant in Stoke Newington High Street.

We have decided to extend the deadline for the other competitions - juniors' creative writing, and the drawing competitions for both age groups - until October 31st 2010, so there is plenty of time to enter.  We have had lots of fantastic entries already, and look forward to receiving still more.   We are delighted that Professor Morag Schiach from Queen Mary, University of London has agreed to be the Chair of the judges who will select the winning entry -  which will also be published in the Hackney Gazette.  So do send in your entries to us before Halloween.

A little later in the year there is going to be lots in the news about the 70th anniversary of the Blitz: you will soon be able to read, listen to and watch some stories on this website about what it was like to live through the Blitz - some people staying in Hackney, others being sent out of London to keep safe.  The stories are told by both children and the people with memories of those terrible times in 1940, and there will be lots of pictures of  the people involved in our Putting on the Blitz project. 

As well as that, there is going to be a Special Issue of the Hackney Gazette about the Blitz in September 2010 with lots to learn about how things were in Hackney all those years ago, so do look out for that.  

Plus, we are really hoping more people will share their memories of  Hackney and the Blitz with us.  We can put more on this website here, and we are also hoping to produce information packs as a community resource.  That will be quite expensive, and we are trying like crazy to raise enough money so we can do it.  If anybody would like to make a donation to help us - or if you could raise money, perhaps by holding a cake sale, please do!  If you would like to make a donation it is easy, if you click here - or let us know at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any other brilliant ideas to help us fundraise.


Spring to Summer 2010

ImageWe have not added any news for a long time, but that does not mean we have not been busy. 

In March 2010 Awards for All gave us funds towards Where in the World, which is our fun and educational community cohesion project centred on Hackney.  If you would like to read more about its award-winning creative approach to celebrating the ethnic diversity of Hackney, please click here.  We are very happy to be working on that with a range of community organisations and people of all ages who have volunteered to take part - including one Hackney secondary school.

ImageIn May 2010 we joined with The Learning Trust Rio Cinema, Age Concern Hackney and Hackney Council to celebrate Local & Community History Month with our Putting on the Blitz project. 

Over a hundred people - including more than fifty pupils from six Hackney primary and secondary schools, representatives of the older residents of Hackney, with their personal memories of The Blitz, joined The Speaker, and lots of other very special people (including the Queen's own representative to the London Borough of Hackney) in Hackney Town Hall to mark the 70th anniversary of The Blitz, which started in September 1940. 

If you would like to know more about Putting on the Blitz, please have a look here.  To find out about more of our news you could read our most recent Annual Report.  

Why we need your help ....

When readers contact us the two things they say to us most often are:  "I love TimeLine" and "Keep up the good work".   Last year we did a consumer research survey about things that people like about TimeLine, and what we should change.  Click here to read some of the responses we got.   So you can see that people like TimeLine a lot - but we are always struggling to keep going because after five years we still do not have any core funding.

We have applied for funding from lots of places over the past four years, but almost always we get the big NO, which is why we were so pleased to have won some help from Awards for All.  Like all charities, we are very grateful to receive grant funding and donations to support our work.  The support received from individuals is a big part of what keeps us going.  If you are a TimeLine fan, please consider making a financial donation.  As Tesco (which started in Hackney almost one hundred years ago but - we think very meanly - refused to offer support to TimeLine when we were researching their corporate history through people who still had memories of it) says - every little helps.  

If you would like to make a donation,  it is now very easy.  Please just click here, and you will be able to make a donation online to TimeLine through a brilliant organisation called JustGiving.  Thankyou!

February 2009

The main thing that happened during February was that we were preparing a brand new issue for March.  You can see that in other places on the website, but if you would like to have a look now, please click here.  And on 6th February we also got another letter and apology from Royal Mail about the complaint.  If you would like to see that, please click here (it makes more sense if you read about the big mystery that we were telling you about in the October to January section - see below). 

But now the Right Royal Mess seems to have been sorted out, it is time to move on with new and more fun stories.

October 2008 to January 2009 - A few hiccups and a big mystery

While the USA was gearing up to make a momentous decision - to elect its first ever black President - and people all over the world were thinking about how important history really is to us all, TimeLine moved was busy too.  During 2008 we achieved many of the objectives we had set ourselves - but we were also puzzled by a big mystery, until we made an amazing discovery.  Please click here to read all about it!

September 2008
TimeLine was happy to take part in the Hackney Day Limmud, a day of learning organised by the Jewish community in Hackney.   We organised an exhibition of images of the history of Hackney (many provided courtesty of the Hackney Archives Department), and arranged a stall where visitors to the day could take part in the Where in the World? Heritage Chart project.

July 2008
To celebrate lots of different things - including Hackney becoming a Fairtrade Borough, local history, Big Dance Week and our own third birthday, we had a brilliant Heritage Fair.  There was the Where in the World? Heritage Chart, Nonsuch Dance, John Hegley, George Alagiah, fair trade lucky dip, and a great raffle, thanks to lots of local businesses.  A huge thankyou to all the people who helped make it a really fun day, and to help us raise funds to for future TimeLine projects.

June 2008
We had so much news from the last months that we didn't have the time to keep this section of our website up to date - very sorry about that.  So we are going to catch up on some of it now.   The first thing to tell you is that in March George Alagiah OBE did us the honour of agreeing to become a Patron of TimeLine, so we now have seven Patrons, one for every day of the week!  You can read about them all here.  

In May Issue 18 came out, which was the special edition of TimeLine about Tesco, and how it started right here in Hackney.  It seems like that was our most popular issue so far, so it feels like we are going in the right direction.

We decided that we wanted to have a really huge fundraising event in the summer, to celebrate three things - local history, fair trade (which has links back to Hackney to the time when lots of local people were involved in the slave trade - some of them making pots of money out of the poor people who they treated as their slaves, and some who worked so hard to stop slavery) - and TimeLine's third birthday.

So we have been planning our Heritage Fair, which will be  lovely TimeLine Live! event, based in Abney Public Hall on Sunday July 13th.  We think that if you like reading TimeLine, you will really like our Fair:  you can read more about it if you click here, and there is lots more about it in Issue 19.  There are going to be loads of fun activities and events (you can see the draft timetable here) and you will probably meet lots of our fantastic friends - grown ups and children, some who you will know because they live near you, or because you went to school with them way back when, or even because you've seen them on the TV.   It should be lots of fun, with fancy dress for anyone that feels like it (the two themes are history and fair trade) and will end up with Nonsuch History & Dance performing a totally unique dance event to celebrate the London Big Dance Festival - first in Abney Park Cemetery and then in the 18th century building which nowadays is the home of yumyum Thai restaurant.

So many people have been supporting our Fair in lots of different ways, and we hope that it will mean that everybody should have a brilliant day.  And if you would like to get a 15% discount at some local shops and restaurants on 13th July, don't forget you can buy a TimeLine Card  in advance from 1st July for £5.00 at either Ved News (at 117 Stoke Newington Church Street)  or Hamdy's News (at 167 Stoke Newington High Street) - or buy it at the Heritage Fair on the day.   You will be able to get discounts at lots of the fantastic shops and restaurants, and enjoy the day even more! 

The Heritage Fair will be just over three years after the very first issue of TimLine came out, so we are celebrating our birthday.  When it all started, we could not have imagined what would happen.  Some of the things we are really pleased about are:

There have been eighteen issues so far - altogether over 90,000 actual magazines have been distributed about Hackney history!  It is estimated that 20,000  of all sorts of people read each issue of TimeLine, and enjoy finding out more snappy snippets about the history of Hackney.  It is read by children and their families, commuters read it on the bus, and other people pick it up at the gym, and lots of older people who have lived in Hackney all their lives.   We keep hearing  from people who have been enjoying reading it and doing the games and quizzes, so it must be doing something right
It is also great that we have been able publicise - and help support - dozens of other charities and not- for-profit organisations on the website and in the magazine.  We have also helped lots of different Hackney people tell their stories and share their memories, so that thousands of other people can read about them and their loved ones.    

Thousands more people look at our website every month: the average number of visits daily in May was 123:  our very favourite statistic is that if you search for "TimeLine" in Yahoo!, our website "TimeLine Magazine ... Fun and Facts about Stoke Newington & Hackney ..."  
comes at number seventeen out of 183 million!  So our charitable purpose, which is to "educate the public in the history and heritage of Stoke Newington, Hackney and neighbouring areas" is definitely being fulfilled - and lots of people are having fun reading the magazine and doing projects with us along the way.

We have always been struggling financially because we still do not receive any funding to pay for the printing of the magazine, or to help us make this website: all of our applications for grants have been turned down in the last year - we think it might be because it is difficult to understand what TimeLine is all about if you don't see it - or maybe people think we secretly have loads of money tucked away, which we don't.   The people who make TimeLine do it because they are committed to improving sharing their skills through a lifeline learning project - and have to manage without earning any money.   So,  if you want to support TimeLine, here are some of the things you could do:  make a donation to our charity, using Gift Aid if you are UK taxpayer;  complete a feedback form  - and come and enjoy our Heritage Fair.   There are lots more ideas on the Support Us page of this website.

So, here's to TimeLine's fourth year!

There is lots to report from February.   Some of it is good news and very exciting for us, some of it
is not so positive and there is one piece of really terrible news.   It is so sad that it is hard to write it: 
on February 21st our wonderful friend and brilliant artist Tony Hall died of cancer.  He did cartoons
and pictures all of his life, often for some of the most famous newspapers and magazines. We feel
very lucky that he teamed up with TimeLine to make the wonderful picture stories about John Howard,
 Olaudah Equiano and Anne Frank, as well as lots of drawings you can see on the website, and 
endless picture jokes and fun for our Art Editor.  We miss him dreadfully, and send our very best
wishes to Libby, who shared Tony's life for 42 years.  In the next issue we will put some more of
Tony's pictures that we think you will like. 

ImageTony loved Hackney, and he took thousands of photographs and did hundreds of
drawings of places in Hackney: in issue 17 there was a page specially for Tony, that we called
Word on the Streets.  It was all about one of Tony's heroes, Henry Mayhew, who wrote about
the poor of London.  We were very sad that Tony did not live to see the page that was inspired by
him, full of the voices of Hackney people from Victorian days.  Just like those people, we are sure
that Tony's  voice will live on - through his pictures.

So, apart from that very bad news ........ well, it is great to be able to say that TimeLine is now a
Registered Charity (Charity Number 1122520), and we are so lucky that our Patrons have publicly 
given their support by lending their names to TimeLine.  You can read more about Nicola Baboneau,
Revd. R. Gualter de Mello MBE, Professor Lord Desai, Jonathan Freedland, Catherine McGuinness
and Professor Morag Shiach here.

And .... we did go along to the Educators' Awards Ceremony, and were ever so pleased that we
had been shortlisted for one of the trophies.  We did not win - a fantastic organisation called
Reach Out!, which does brilliant work in Hackney came first.  But coming second or third out of
all the community groups in Hackney, having fun at a huge party and meeting lots of lovely people
who are all working for education in Hackney was quite special for us.  You can find out more about Reach Out! if you click here.

Lastly, it is important for us to say something about the way that TimeLine is used.  Making
TimeLine involves a huge amount of research and other work (which is largely done by volunteers). 
As we have made clear, the copyright of what appears in TimeLine belongs to TimeLine.  Of
course we want lots of people to learn more about Hackney by reading our magazines and this
website, and we are delighted when individuals or organisations builds on our work, for example
as the Hackney Shed Theatre Group has done (see issue 17) but you must please ask us first.  

People are not allowed to copy what they find here without our permission.  So, if you want to
use something we have written, or base something you are doing on information you found out from TimeLine, please make sure to e-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or phone us (07947 667652)
first. We will almost certainly say yes, but we may also need you to credit us: we need to know how TimeLine is being used to measure its success - which will in turn help us attract funding so that we
can make more TimeLines for you to enjoy.

And, if you have a website:  if you enjoy TimeLine, something else you can do help other people
get the best out of it too is to put a link to our website on your own.  Thank you!

We have had a really fun start to the New Year, with lots more ideas for TiimeLine, nice messages from people who are enjoying TimeLiine online, and telling us their Hackney stories, which we can pass on to readers. And we have had a letter from The Learning Trust to tell us that TimeLine has been shortlisted for the Community Organisation Award, which is part of their 2008 Educators' Awards: TimeLine has been selected for its "outstanding contribution".   So that's nice!

Our History Club projects in partnership with Jubilee School are going nicely, with lots of work coming up.   We are very happy to work in partnership with any Hackney school or community group - so if you would like to find out about ways we can help you do more fun history & heritage things, advertise achievements or publicise projects you are especially proud of, please contact us on: eb This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Issue 16 came out in December - with stories about Dick Whittington and the panto at the Hackney Empire over the years;  how three Hackney children got to try out the games at the fantastic new Launchpad at the Science Museum;   Jack Whitehead and his new local history website,   Rene Broider's prize-winning story called "The Letter".   Plus, the online issue also has stories about Brooke House, and King Henry VIII;  the Lea Bridge Roundabout, trees, chrysanthemums and the Rochester Castle pub.  And lots of quizzes and competitions of course.

Our fund-raising plans for the Autumn did not work out well.   So, although we have not been able to send TimeLine around to  the schools this time, we hope that lots of people will find it in the local libraries, shops, museums, hospitals as well as online.   If you, your school or organisation  would like to receive printed copies of TimeLine, please remember that you can join a TimeLine Club  (oh go on, you know you want to) - or if you can't do that, please put a link to this website on your own website, to help teachers, children and their families to access TimeLine online - and letters of support are always handy for us to show to potential funders. 

Meanwhile, we have applied to register as a charity, and hope to be registered as a charity early in 2008. 

So, seasonal greetings to everyone and very best wishes for a happy and peaceful 2008.

Issue 15 has come out: it is about lots of things that are to do with books and reading; coaches,
horses and lots of other animals; crime and criminals; circuses and clowns - with plenty of quizzes
and games of course!  

A really important thing we have discovered is that we do not receive all the e-mails that are
sent to us through the website!  Nobody can explain to us why that is, and it feels terrible that there
are messages you are sending to us that we cannot receive.   So ......  PLEASE NOTE that it is best to
contact us by:

e-mail           This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
telephone     07947 667652
letter            PO Box 44684 London N16 0XY 

We are really pleased to welcome Guadalupe Marengo to TimeLine (you can see a letter from her
in Issue 14).  Guada lives in Stoke Newington is the Deputy Director for the America Program of
Amnesty International.  She is committed both to working for human rights internationally, and
to improving the opportunities of people living in the richly multi-cultural communities here at
home in Hackney.

We are delighted - and a bit amazed! - to see that thousands of people are now using this website. 
It shows hwhat a totally fascinating place Hackney is.   We will make some more games and quizzes
to go on the site as soon as we can.  If you would like to see your name on the website or in the
magazine - how about writing something for us (it could be a review of a show or an exhibition;
some memories of when you were growing up in Hackney - or somewhere else in the world; or
your journey to Hackney from another country; or about a project you are doing that people would
like to read about) or how about drawing us a picture or sending in a joke.   We are always really
pleased o hear from individuals - or groups in Hackney - with their contributions. 

Issue 16 will not be out until December, once we have done some other important jobs (especially
having another go at raising funds to secure TimeLine's future).   It is sad for us when we have to
iss printing a planned issue, but if we don't have the money to do it, there is no alternative.  We have
always survived, but the route has been precarious.  So, if you would like to help TimeLine in the ways
we have described on the Support Us page of this website - please don't be shy!  
Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

JUNE 2007
You are looking at our big news right now – this website – which started just in time for our second
birthday.   We are very excited about finally getting it started, and have to thank Awards for All  for
giving us the funds so we could have a proper website. www.awardsforall.org.uk  We are sorry if you
find it is slow, or the text not big enough - we are seeing what can be done about that.   (Some people
find it is easier to set the "Text Size" to a higher level, or to use the "zoom" button on their own computer).

In the meantime: if you find a mistake please tell us.   Please have fun trying  out the website - there are
lots of things to do and to look at - and if you would like to send us a story or a picture we will be looking
for more things to put up on the website for lots of people to see.  We would really like to hear what you
think of the website, so please contact us to let us know.


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