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Together Again
Image Stan Rose sent us an e-mail about going to school in Stoke Newington - until his life (like so many others in Hackney) was turned upside down by World War 2. 

But that e-mail was just the start of this extraordinary story of old friends and re-discovery ..... 

When she read in TimeLine about seven-year old Stan being evacuated to Barnack in Lincolnshire, Shirley Rose was amazed: she wrote to tell TimeLine that she had been at the same school until she was shipped out to Barnack too - and she also told us that she was born in the hospital bang opposite her old school - it has now become YumYum Thai restaurant.  Stan and Shirley (born just one day apart)  must have been in the very same class all those years ago - although they couldn’t remember each other.....

More than sixty-five years after they last met, Stan and Shirley decided to make a date: when the weather cheered up, Stan would come to London (he lives in a little village called Chartridge in the countryside nowadays) and they would meet up to take a stroll down memory lane.  And where better to talk over old times than over lunch in - you guessed it - YumYum restaurant!  

Before the great date, two  strange things happened:  first, Shirley saw a posting on the internet from Dorothy Holmes, who was a friend who had lived almost next door to her when they were little girls, so they were soon chatting away through e-mails. And of course Dorothy went to the  same  school.

ImageMeanwhile .... Stan had spotted another message from Dorothy, this time on a website about evacuees : she was  trying to make contact with a wonderful family she had lived with when SHE was evacuated.  Stan answered, and Dorothy explained that she had originally been sent to Barnack, but then she was moved on to completely different part of the country.  

Stan could NOT believe it when she told him that the village she had been moved to was called Chartridge, the very same place Stan lives now!  Quickly Stan contacted some of his neighbours, and soon Dorothy was able to pick up by e-mail - and then by phone - where she had left off with Jean, whose family had taken Dorothy in all those years ago .....

If you would like to read the whole of this story, and how children from three primary schools came to find out what local life was like sixty years before, take a look in Issue 9

We were very sorry to hear from her daughter that Dorothy Holmes died on 7th March 2007, aged seventy-five.    We will miss Dorothy, who was a TimeLine Club member, and sent us lots of stories about her memories of Stoke Newington. 

You can see one of them on by clicking  Added Extras

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