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Frequently Asked Questions

Q   When did TimeLine start?
A    The first issue was published in June 2005.

Q    What is TimeLine?
A     It is an educational charity (Charity Number 1122520) and lifelong learning project.  You will find lots more about us on the About Us page of this website.
Q    Does TimeLine have any patrons?
A    Yes, we have seven fantastic patrons - for more information about them please click here
Q.   Is TimeLine only for children?
A.   No!  It is sent to a lot of schools, for use by children and teachers there; but, very importantly, children can take it home to read with their families.  As you can see from the Letters pages, TimeLine is also used by every generation of adults within the community - including by many older people and senior citizens across Hackney.
Q    How often does the magazine come out?
A    About every two months – sometimes a little more, sometimes  a little less. 
Q   How many pages are there in TimeLine?
A    It varies: so far a minimum of four pages and a maximum of sixteen.

Q  How many people read the printed edition of TimeLine?
A  We are not sure, but we think now it is around 20,000.  We started by printing  4,000 copies of each issue, but by 2007 that had grown to 8,000. But even that was not enough (even though lots of people were sharing them). That’s one of the reasons we have started this website.

Q   If I want an actual copy, how much will it cost? 
A   If you are in Hackney you will probably find a copy for free - in your library or surgery; through a community organisation that has joined the TimeLine Club or through your child's school.  But you could really help us by asking your community group or school to become a Friend of  TimeLine
If you are not in Hackney, please join the TimeLine Club and we will send you copies through the post. 

Q Why don't you just charge a little bit of money for it?
A In a way we do - but we like it much better when people can just pick up a copy without wondering if it is good value for money or whether they can afford it.  The idea is that businesses and community organisations - like schools and organisations which receive a lot of the copies (to pass on to their service users) - put a little bit towards the costs by becoming a member of a TimeLine Club.   When we were running out of money in 2006 we did try charging £1 per  copy to cover our basic costs, but that did not work out  because people had got used to it being free and thought we were being cheeky!  So we stopped charging after two issues. Now we have become a registered charity with educational aims: we hope the funds we need will come through donations, advertising, grant funding, subscriptions  and sponsorship.

Q   Who is responsible for TimeLine?
A    TimeLine’s editor thought of the idea in 2004 – when she was ill and had more time than most people do to look at her surroundings.   After eight issues, it was taken over in April 2006 by the not-for-profit organisation which now runs it. The editorial team is made up of Camilla LoeweDavid Verry and Joe Jones.   Artist Tony Hall is affiliated to TimeLine, and the Management Committee consists of Dr. Martha PrevezerSally Haywill and Frances Peel Yates.  They are all local people with lots of relevant knowledge and experience.  And gradually lots more people have volunteered to share their skills, knowledge, memories and expertise with other people in the community through TimeLine.

Q  How is TimeLine distributed?

A  The Learning Trust distributes thousands of copies to schools; the Hackney Borough library service sends them around to libraries and some community organisations; the Primary Health Care Trust and Homerton Hospital circulate a lot more; Hackney Homes distribute some around housing estates; London Borough of Hackney distribute them to the regular Neighbourhood Forum meetings and volunteers do the rest. 

Q  How many copies have you distributed?
A  By May 2010 there have been twenty-five issues, and we have distributed a total of over 136,000 printed magazines - as well as this website - for people to have fun learning more about Hackney's history.

Q  Do many people look at this website?
A  We are amazed that thousands of people visit the site every month: we are really pleased that the resource we have made is being used by a lot of people.   If you go to any of the main search engines (like Google or msn.com) and type in "timeline magazine", you will see this website on the first page - out of hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of results!  If you just type in "timeline" on Yahoo, we were at number six out of 252 million results,  and on Google we were at number ten out of 47 million results - last time we checked.  Seeing that always makes us feel better if things are not going so well!

Q  What are the future plans for TimeLine?
A  Basically we are planning to carry on in the same way, but now with this website as an extra part of the project.   Things that we would like to do especially are:    1) involve more people from a mixture of cultural backgrounds to help tell the stories in TimeLine;   2) find a way of translating TimeLine into some of the main minority languages spoken by people living in Hackney;   3) involve more people in our Where in the World? Heritage Chart project.

Q  What are the TimeLine Clubs?
A  These are ways that help various sectors - individuals, schools, community groups and  commercial organisations – to get the most out of TimeLine and support us at the same time.   Please click TimeLine Club to find out more.   

Q  How is TimeLine funded?
A  We are much better at making TimeLine than at fund-raising – we really have put our money where our mouth is because we are committed to achieving Our Objects.   We have kept going recently with the help of a small grant from the City Bridge Trust (thank you again!).  Since 2005 we have had very limited funding, and are always in need of support to carry on.  We have depended on a mixture of enthusiasm and time and other resources from volunteers; sponsorship;  sales; partnership arrangements; TimeLine Clubs; advertising and grant funding.

If  you could add your support, please look at the Support Us page and please contact us .   As Tesco famously says – “every little helps”.    (We just wish they could have helped us)!

Q  Does TimeLine exist anywhere else?

A  No, at present it is something special just for Hackney.  Maybe one day ....

Q  Why did you choose Hackney?

A  Firstly because we live here;  and secondly because it has an amazingly interesting and inspirational hidden history and heritage.

TimeLine is a Registered Charity (Charity Number 1122520)

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