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ImageThere are millions of people in every country of the world who are totally brilliant at history.  Not because they came top of the class at school, but because they all have stories, memories and pictures.  And now we can all share them!  Historypin is ...

The brand new brilliant idea started when Google got together with some real-life historians. So now, instead of everybody keeping their old stories and photographs to themselves, all over the world people are using their computers to pin their stories and pictures onto a map of the world.  And that means that anybody can have a look and see how different places have changed over time.

You don't have to be a celebrity or a brainbox to take part - although they are welcome too.  All that matters is that you are interested in the past, present and future of the world.

Elsie Wilmott in 1943
Please click here if you want to find out from the Historypin website how it works - there is even a little film that shows how you can join in.  And click here to read a letter that the Director of Historypin wrote specially to TimeLine readers. 

What an amazing chance to put Hackney - or wherever you live - on the map!

A big thank you to David Verry for his 2010 illustration,  and to Elsie Wilmott for her 1943 photograph.
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