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ImageThe TimeLine Clubs are not the sort that meet:  they are different ways of getting the best out of TimeLine.  We try to make sure that membership is a two-way street, with advantages both for members and for TimeLine.   There are two different clubs  Friends of TimeLine  and SchoolFriends of TimeLine.  If you, your school or organisation becomes a Friend or SchoolFriend, they will automatically be part of the TimeLine Club.    Both individuals and organisations become Friends of TimeLine – and there are different things that they like about it (apart from just liking TimeLine): 


  • wherever in the world you live, we will send  you a copy of each issue of TimeLine in the post - so you  never need miss an issue
  • birthdays of TimeLine Club members feature on the Look Back Look Forward calendar in each issue
  • special invitations to take part in TimeLine
If you would like to become a Friend of TimeLine, please click here (and if you are a UK tax payer, please fill in the Gift Aid form too)

ImageCommunity Organisations

  • extra publicity for your projects and events through the printed TimeLine and on the website
  • inclusion in our Links on request
  • mutual support for charities and community groups
  • multiple copies of TimeLine for your service users (if appropriate)
  • affordable advertising for non-commercial organisations

If you would like your community organisation to become a Friend of TimeLine pleas click here for the application form 


  • discounts on very competitive advertising rates
  • an opportunity to support education in Hackney.  For an example, click on Investland Tony Brooks Charitable Foundation
  • learning more about Hackney’s past, present and future
  • putting something back into the community

Please click here to download the Business Friends Application Form

The cost of annual membership:

for individuals £20;  
for non-commercial community organisations £30
for businesses £50;
for SchoolFriends of TimeLine £75

SchoolFriends Club

ImageSupporting education services to children is one of TimeLine’s main priorities.  We are inviting local schools to join the special SchoolFriends Club. We have provided thousands of copies of TimeLine free to schools since 2005,  Schools use it, and pass it on to families through childrens’ book bags.  We know that children, staff and families enjoy using it as a resource. 
Lots of people ask us what sponsorship we receive from The Learning Trust, and why we need to ask individual schools to support us by joining SchoolFriends.  We are very pleased that the Trust has shown it support to us by  enabling TimeLine to be delivered to schools.   They are not able to provide funding beyond that.   So the costs of producing TimeLine must be met in other ways, hence our request for support from the individual schools that receive, use and pass on TimeLine to the families of children at their school.  We would hope to carry on sending copies to all the Hackney Learning Trust schools, but we need financial help to do that
ImageYou will really help us cover our costs if you spend £75 on an annual subscription to the SchoolFriends Club: the PTA or PSA may agree to help with the subscription.  

Advantages of membership of the SchoolFriends Club include:

  • guaranteed multiple copies of every issue of TimeLine
  • invitations to be included in future TimeLine projects such as Memory Catchers and Kids Talk interviews.  To see examples of these please click Issue 9 or Issue 12
  • free extra unique teaching and learning resources like Picture Story Plus.  To find out more, have a look at the Schools page.

If you would like to see what teachers think about what teachers think of TimeLine, please click on What People Say .   If you would like to see what you will find in TimeLine, please click on Subjects Index.

If you would like your school to become a SchoolFriend of TimeLine please click here SchoolFriends Application Form

TimeLine is a Registered Charity   Charity Number 1122520

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