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 What is TimeLine?

ImageTimeLine is an exciting lifelong learning project, centred on Hackney - the area of London where we are based.   Working together with local communities, ordinary people discover and present a kaleidoscope of information about the history of their own area.   By looking up from our own individual concerns,  at the people and places around  us,  TimeLine has itself become a part of the local landscape.   It is a way that people of totally different ages, cultures and backgrounds can communicate with each other – through the one thing we have in common: Hackney’s inspirational history and heritage. An easy way to find out more about us is by watching a little video.  So why not sit down, relax, and click on www.ysn.org.uk/directory/timeline: to find the right bit you have to scroll down until you see a picture of TimeLine.  Then you can watch and listen to the video (made in 2009 so it's a teeny bit out of date)  - where two of our junior staff members will tell you all about TimeLine.

We think that you don’t have to be a brain-box – or even a big reader - to have fun finding out about people and places from other generations or times in history.  TimeLine is colourful and easy to enjoy, stuffed with stories and pictures, games and quizzes, interviews and memories, that all help to make Hackney’s history and heritage to come alive.  Each issue is like a chocolate box full of facts and snappy snippets (only healthier).    If you are looking at this website for the first time and you are not sure where to start, try the People, Places & Events Index, or the Subjects Index and you're bound to find someone interesting to read about.

ImageLuckily there are loads of brilliant books and places to find out about our local history, and some of the really great museums and archives of London are close by. TimeLine adds a little extra zest to those treasure troves, and gives people a taste for learning - and teaching - more about their own world.

TimeLine looks both backwards and forwards, telling stories about the far distant past; remembering how things used to be, as well as looking at the modern world, and finding out about things that schools and young people are achieving right now.  Put together, TimeLine acts as a unique local learning and teaching resource. 

TimeLine is distributed throughout Hackney to schools, libraries, hospitals, surgeries – people can pick it up and have a little read just about anywhere in Hackney - in waiting rooms, shops, residential homes, museums, cafes.  Totally independent, it is designed to be a contribution to local  life, something special for people with a soft spot for Hackney.  It turns out that there are people from Hackney in all corners of the world – and TimeLine has readers in lots of countries around the world.

ImageTo learn more about what has already been in TimeLine, please click Previous Issues.  To see a list of some of the hundreds of people and places that have become part of TimeLine’s own history, click on People Index .  It has a mixture of people from history and the modern world.  There will probably be someone you know - you might even find your own name!  
Before explaining any more about TimeLine, we have to say a huge thank you to Nicola Baboneau at The Learning Trust.   She has given TimeLine her encouragement, advice and support since 2004: without all of those, TimeLine probably would not have been possible. 

If you like this website and decide that you would like to help support TimeLine's work, please consider making a donation by clicking here. Thankyou!

What People Say

People from many different walks of life have written to us about TimeLine.  Here are some of the nice things they have said:

“ I am a real admirer of this wonderful magazine, which makes local history immediate, enthralling and alive.”
Jonathan Freedland, Guardian journalist, writer and local parent

“I hope that TimeLine gets into all the history teachers'  hands in Hackney, and stirs in their students a genuine interest and love of history, both local and global."
Revd. Graeme Watson, St. Mary's Church, Stoke Newington

"TimeLine is always fun to work with. Our members use them for quiz time and for educational purposes -  we all find them most interesting to read. I have also noted members have learnt much about Hackney since TimeLine started.  Long live TimeLine!”
Dolly Mayers, Co-Ordinator, Hackney Caribbean Elderly Organisation

"We have found TimeLine an invaluable source of inspiration for our show, and we are so glad that we are able to work together."
Sarah Schofield, Administrator, Hackney Shed

“TimeLine is full of information and facts, which appeal to both old and young alike.   It is colourful, eye-catching and packed with bits and pieces.   Makes one fall in love with London again and again!”
Gillian Muir, TimeLine reader writing from Leyton

“I love TimeLine – it’s not just for kids!  I’ve lived in Stokey N16 all 25 years of my life, and it helps me to understand my local area much more as I walk and cycle round. More than that, it makes me proud to be a Hackney boy.”
Samir Singh. Museum and Education Assistant, Arsenal F.C. Double Club

“With its passion for heritage and commitment to the history and heritage of the area, TimeLine brings extremely valuable and important information to local residents.”
Lucy Harrigan, Education Officer, London Wildlife Trust

"Congratulations to TimeLine for supplying a flow of information about Hackney past and present, in a way that is always lively, surprising, and the greatest fun.  Long may TimeLine continue to instruct and entertain its lucky readers!"
Emma Smith, novelist, writer and Hackney grandmother

Our Objects

ImageTimeLine is now a Registered Charity (Charity No. 1122520).   Our official Objects are:
"To advance the education of the public in the history and heritage of Stoke Newington, Hackney and neighbouring areas of London".   
The idea is that we are all learning together, and teaching each other.  If you would like to know more about what we are trying  to achieve, have look below, where you will see the Mission Statement of our not-for-profit organisation: and if you want to know more about who reads TimeLine, and what they think about it, please click  People Also Say.

This is the Mission Statement of TimeLine (take a deep breath, it goes on a bit):

To explore with local communities the rich and diverse cultural history and heritage of Hackney through an attractive, accessible, creative community magazine and associated activities, with the purpose of enhancing local educational and employment opportunities and aspirations;  generating productive intercultural and intergenerational links;  promoting positive ideas of citizenship, and, by exploring the place itself, extending the mutual understanding and respect of people resident in and/or interested in the past, present and future of Hackney and its people.


ImageTimeLine has been lucky enough to win some awards. We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in building TimeLine from when it started as an idea and grew into something that has given pleasure and information to thousands of people.  

UnLtd  Social Enterprise Award -  May 2005 
UnLtd is a charity “which supports social entrepreneurs – people with vision, drive, commitment and passion, who want to change the world for the better....and helps individuals make their ideas a reality”.    In May 2005 UnLtd made an award which provided the funds to help the editor, Camilla Loewe, turn her idea of starting a community publication about the history and heritage of Hackney - TimeLine - into a reality.  And one month later, in June 2005, the first issue of TimeLine was published.

“The idea of TimeLine has been welcomed by various individuals from the community & agencies.   It is self-evident that there is a great scope for enhancing mutual understanding cross-culturally and cross-generationally in the community”.
UnLtd   www.unltd.org.uk

Archives Landmark Award – November 2005
The creation by the London Metropolitan Archives of the Archives Landmark Award  “recognises the imaginative use of archives in ways which contribute to learning, raise awareness of our shared heritage and strengthen local communities”.   Just months after TimeLine first started, we were proud to win the City of London’s Archives  Landmark Award 2005 (Community Project category).

“Contributions from Hackney people of all ages make TimeLine a true people’s magazine, providing many insights into the history of the area and its diverse community.” 
 Archives Landmark Award Panel     www.cityoflondon.gov.uk

Awards for All – November 2006
In November 2006 Awards for All made a very generous award to TimeLine – to allow us to develop and run this website.  The idea is that it can contain all of the past issues of TimeLine, plus some added extras.   The website allows TimeLine to be an even more accessible resource – so all those stories about Hackney’s past, present and future can be shared even Imagemore widely.   www.awardsforall.org.uk

City Bridge Trust - June 2007
In June 2007 we received funding of £20,000 from the City Bridge Trust, which we could spend however we thought best would support TimeLine.  So for the next two years we were able to continue to publish and distribute TimeLine Magazine - and people across Hackney continued to receive it for free.  You can see in the FAQ section below how many copies we have now been able to produce and distribute.

Awards for All - March 2010
After a very difficult period, where there was very little money for anything, Awards for All again came to our rescue by providing funds to help us pilot our Where in the World project - a really exciting way approach to community cohesion.


There are some questions that we are often asked.  Please click here if you would like to find out about the most Frequently Asked Questions 
TimeLine is a Registered Charity   Charity Number 1122520 

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